2013 Addicted Photo Contest

We’re excited to announce our annual photo contest once again for 2013! This year we’ve partnered with a few of our friends on facebook: Idaho Muleys, Idaho Elk, Wyoming Muleys, Wyoming Elk, Utah Muleys, and Colorado Muleys to bring you the biggest contest we’ve ever had! Submit yours today by emailing it to brad@huntaddicts.com or filling out the form below!

Our sponsors have really stepped up this year — Here are the prizes!

–A free shoulder mount from Johnson’s Non-Typical Taxidermy in Afton, Wyoming!
–A Vortex optics package including a pair of Diamondback binoculars and Vortex swag!
–A Sitka Ascent Jacket from Sitka Gear!
Wac’em Broadheads
–HuntAddicts.com Swag
–Gift Certificates to Wyoming Tents!

Check back soon to see all of the entries on this page!

-All photo submissions must have been taken in 2013.
-Photo entries can range from any category relating to the outdoors and hunting. Photos must be High resolution (greater than 300 kb, or 600 pixels in one dimension).
-Photos showing respect for wildlife and hunting in general are preferred.
-No exclusivity rules apply – that means if you’ve already got your photos lined up to be featured in a magazine or another website — send it in to us as well.
-Photos must be submitted on or before Midnight (Mountain Time) on January 31, 2014.
-No limit on number of entries per contestant.
-Winner will be selected by a panel of HuntAddicts team members, affiliates or partners. Each judge will submit three equally weighted votes. The photo receiving the most votes will choose his prize from the available prizes, second most will follow, and so on down the line.
-Photos can be submitted via email to brad@huntaddicts.com, or on facebook in a message or post to our page or partner pages.
-Your photo can be in a magazine, or shared anywhere else online, we don’t care. Send them to us and win big!

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