2011 Photo Contest

We’re proud to announce that we have teamed up with Nielson Productions Taxidermy from Utah to bring you the ultimate in hunting prizes — a FREE shoulder mount. Contest ends January 15th, 2012. Please review the contest rules below — while we gladly accept photo and story submissions from years past this contest is for photos taken in 2011 calendar year.

Grand Prize (1 winner):

Free Shoulder Mount – courtesy of NPTaxidermy.com

Honorable Mention (3 winners):

HuntAddicts.com premium window decal and a 3.5 oz bag of  Golden Valley Natural Beef Jerky.

Contest Rules:

-All photo submissions must have been taken in 2011.
-Photo entries can range from any category relating to the outdoors and hunting. Photos must be High resolution (greater than 300 kb, or 600 pixels in one dimension).
-Photos showing respect for wildlife and hunting in general are preferred. If you have sent in your story to another website or hunting magazine, send it in to us as well. There is  no exclusivity rule for this contest.
-Photos must be submitted on or before January 15, 2012. No maximum # of entries per contestant.
-Grand Prize Winner will be provided a voucher/certificate redeemable to Nielson Productions Taxidermy for taxidermy services of up to 1 (one) shoulder mount of the species of animal specified on the certificate.

Submit your photos to submissions@huntaddicts.com, or fill out the submissions form (be sure to add your photos in the form).