More mapping resources are available today than ever before. Even ten years ago, finding good aerial photos of hunting areas was quite difficult, and topo maps had to be purchased on paper. Today every hunter with a computer and internet access can see any part of world by using google maps and google earth. Other mapping software is also available and many of these programs are very good,provide seamless images, can sync with your GPS for upload/download of waypoints, routes, and a lot more. Even some GPS units have aerial and topographic map features so you can always have them on hand, with a little icon showing, nearly to the foot, where you are on the world.

However, all of these fancy new technologies are based off of a few basic types of maps. A basic understanding of how to understand maps can go a long way. Read our map tips section to see some tips on what maps to use, maybe it will help you optimize the limited time you have outdoors.

For convenience, we have placed an interactive map on this site, courtesy of Google Maps.