Big changes are underway for nonresident elk hunters in Wyoming in 2024, with the introduction of a new regional structure for general elk licenses. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has revamped the nonresident elk hunting system, departing from the traditional statewide general tag to implement a regional approach, mirroring the structure of nonresident general deer tags. This shift, along with a price increase, aims to enhance the hunting experience and distribution of hunters across the state.

New Regional Structure

Nonresident hunters can now choose from three distinct regions when applying for a general elk license. The introduction of this regional structure brings a fresh dynamic to the hunting landscape, allowing applicants to select the region that aligns with their preferences and desired hunting experience. This change will undoubtedly impact draw odds and hunter distribution, adding an element of strategy to the application process.

To learn more about these changes and to ensure accurate application, prospective hunters are encouraged to visit the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s official website link.

2024 Wyoming Elk Regions

Elimination of Traditional Quota

Wyoming has also departed from the traditional quota system that has been in place since the 1980s, where a statewide total of at least 7,250 nonresident elk tags were allocated. The move away from this system reflects a commitment to adaptability in wildlife management practices and aligns with the evolving needs of both hunters and conservation efforts.

Fee Updates

Alongside these structural changes, there will be a price increase for nonresident elk licenses in 2024. Regular nonresident elk licenses will now cost $692 plus additional fees. However, the most significant change comes in the form of special nonresident tags, which will see a substantial increase to $1,950 plus fees. Wyomign elk hunters need to be aware of these fee adjustments when planning their hunting budgets for the upcoming season.

For more detailed information on license fees, applicants can refer to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s official License Fee List link.

As nonresident elk hunters gear up for the 2024 season in Wyoming, these changes in the application process and fee structure bring a new level of anticipation strategy. The introduction of regional licenses and the elimination of the traditional quota system will be a big shift in hunter distribution and draw odds but do display the state’s willingness to work towards providing a dynamic and sustainable hunting experience. Prospective hunters are encouraged to stay informed, carefully review the new guidelines, and plan their applications accordingly for a successful and memorable elk hunting adventure in the Wyoming.



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