Wyoming Hunting Information

Wyoming has great opportunity for big game hunting for both resident and non-resident hunters. Available species to hunt include: Mule Deer, Pronghorn, Whitetail Deer, Elk, Bighorn Sheep, Moose, and Mountain Goat.

General Application Information: Wyoming accepts both online and mail in applications and does not require applicants to have valid hunting licenses in order to apply. They do, however, require money up front, and mail a refund check to unsuccessful applicants. Credit card payments are accepted. Wyoming does require anyone who hunts or fishes in Wyoming outside of those using daily licenses to purchase a conservation stamp. The cost for this stamp is less than $12.50, and can be purchased at license vendor locations throughout the state.

Wyoming’s Resident and Non-resident application booklet is available on their website.

[table sorter=”true” caption=”Non-Resident Application Deadlines” colalign=”left|center”]
Species,Application Period
“Deer, Elk, Antelope (Pronghorn)”, January 1 – May 31
“Moose, Big Horn Sheep, Bison, Mountain Goat”, January 1 – February 28

[table sorter=”true” caption=”Resident Application Deadlines” colalign=”left|center”]
Species,Application Period
“Deer, Elk, Antelope (Pronghorn)”, January 1 – May 31
“Landowner Deer, Elk, Antelope (Pronghorn)”, May1 – May 31
“Moose, Big Horn Sheep, Bison, Mountain Goat”, January 1 – February 28

[table sorter=”true” caption=”Application Fees” colalign=”left|center”]
License Type,Price
“Resident”, $5.00
“Non-Resident”, $14.00
“Resident Bison”, $11.00
“Non-Resident Bison”, $20.00



Point System: Wyoming uses a preference point system. Those with the most points get the tags. However 25% of available tags are drawn at random, so tags can be drawn with zero points. There is no point system for Resident Elk, Deer, Mountain Goat, Bison and Antelope, or nonresident Bison and Mountain Goat. These tags are awarded through a random draw. Preference points can be purchased as an addition during the drawing process, but are not added until after the draw. Points can also be purchased seperately from July 1st – September 31st. Non-resident cost ranges from $30 for antelope to $100 for bighorn sheep. Preference points for each species will be lost if one does not purchase a point for 2 consecutive years.

Preference points can acquired by selecting the “preference point option” when applying for tags, or they can also be purchased after the license drawings by both residents and on-residents, starting July 1st and ending the last day of September.

Application and Preference Point Fees:

[table sorter=”true” caption=”Preference Point Fees:” colalign=”left|center”]
Preference Point, Price
Nonresident Antelope, $30.00
Nonresident Deer, $40.00
Nonresident Elk, $50.00
Nonresident Moose, $75.00
Nonresident Bighorn Sheep, $100.00
“Nonresident Youth Antelope, Deer, Elk”, $10.00

Resident Moose, $7.00
Resident Bighorn Sheep, $7.00

Hunts and Season Types: Wyoming has very few hunts designated as specific short range or specialty weapon only.  An Archery validation tag allows a hunter to hunt the archery season on most hunts and is required for those hunting the archery hunt. They archery validation does not provide additional harvest, it simply extends the hunting season to include an archery season. Most archery seasons run for at least a few weeks in September. Be familiar with the dates for the units you are applying for, or have obtained a license to hunt.

Wyoming designates different season types within units by numbering them as a “type.” These “types” are very important when applying for permits. For example, if an applicant had been buying moose points for 12 years and then applied making a simple mistake of putting a type 2 on the application, this could very possibly result in drawing a tag for an antlerless moose. So be aware of the different “types” listed in each hunting area/unit.

Wyoming has very few “short range weapon” hunts, however there are a few archery only areas. These hunts are usually designated as being “type 9.”

General and Limited Quota (LQ)

Wyoming usually has quite a few tags leftover after the hunt draw. These “Issue – After licenses”  can be purchased from vendors throughout the state or online; many of which are in units with little public land.

Species to Hunt in Wyoming: Wyoming has licenses available for mule deer, whitetail deer, pronghorn (antelope), rocky mountain elk, shiras moose, mountain goat, rocky mountain bighorn sheep, and bison (buffalo).

Once in a lifetime hunts: Bison and mountain goat hunts are considered “once in a lifetime tags” and cannot be drawn more than once. The exception is if you do not harvest a bison, you can draw again. Mountain goat licenses are given in a random drawing for both residents and non-residents with low odds.