Whether you want to take footage of animals on your hunts, the winter range, or record videos of your long-range steel target shooting, It is easy to capture and share these moments with today’s digiscoping products. Let’s look at a couple of options, the pros and cons and compare custom fit adapters to Universal Adapters. With any of these products, you’ll be taking quality images through your spotting scope or binoculars!

Our Favorite: Phone Skope Kit with Phone Case and Optic Specific Adapter

Phone Skope Digiscoping Kit

Phone Skope is our favorite digiscoping product because it’s easy to use, affordable and very quick to deploy. While Phone skope does offer some universal adapters, I prefer the custom adapters that are made to fit my specific optics that I carry in the field. The phone skope system is composed of 2 parts – a case made for your smartphone, and an adapter that slides over the eyepiece of your optic. These pieces can be purchased separately, so if you purchase a new phone, or a new optic, you can just purchase the part you need. The case detaches from the adapter easily so you can leave your phone in the case all season.

Pros: Easy to use, Affordable, Fast Setup
Cons: Only fits one optic unless you purchase additional adapters (we still think it is worth it). 

Phone Skope on Angled Spotting Scope
Image taken from Above Image – around 150 yards

Universal Adapter:

If you run a variety of optics and don’t want to have separate pieces for all of them, there are also a number of universal adapters on the market. The most user friendly and popular among our staff members is the Tines up Phone Cam Adapter. This adapter works really well and can be fit to any phone case. Using their alignment tool, it’s very easy to attach the adhesive mount that is low profile and easy to use.

Another widely used universal adapter is the Phone Skope Universal Adapter. This adapter is available in 2 sizes to fit a large range of eyepiece diameters. 

Pros: Fits any Optic, you only need one piece of equipment for any optic.
Cons: Not as easy or quick to deploy as the Optic Specific Adapter, bulkier.

As always feel free to reach out if you have any questions about digiscoping or getting setup to take high quality photos and video through your optics!

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