This harness from FHF Gear has been making waves with western hunters and rightfully so.  This is one of the most well thought-out products I’ve seen. Sure it’s simple and holds your binoculars, but this design truly fits the western DIY spot and stalk lightweight style of hunting.  The great thing about this system is it is available in several sizes so you’ll be able to fit all any model of binocular — including larger models like the popular Vortex 15 x 56 Kaibab.  I typically carry 10 x 42mm binoculars, which fit great in the “small” size. Coming in at only 9 oz it was considerably lighter weight than similar products. The clasp lid was easy to operate with one hand, and I was easily able to close the lid with the eyepieces of my optics either in or out. This model also has a zipper pocket in the front and two mesh side pockets where I could easily carry game calls, windicator powder, a lens cloth, and similar sized items.

The backside of the pouch that sits against your chest is made of a lightweight mesh that I found to stay cool, even in early season and scouting weather where I saw temperatures exceeding 80 degrees. The fit was excellent. There is very little stretch incorporated to the straps which I personally like. This kept the binoculars from bouncing around or hanging too low when crawling or crossing fences.

Binoculars can also be attached using straps that are conveniently sewn on the front harness straps. These are adjustable (unique to this product) so when your binos are not in the pouch they will hang right where you want them. I did find these straps to loosed over time. If I am glassing a lot, I typically don’t place the binoculars back in the pouch and let the straps support the full weight of the binos. I found that over the course of a few days doing this while antelope hunting, the straps lengthened and needed to be re-adjusted. It wasn’t a big issue and was easy to re-adjust. The ability to adjust the length of these straps far outweighs having to fix the length every now and then.

Check out this video from FHF gear on how to adjust the Bino Harness, along with video showing the features of the product.

FHF Gear makes the Binocular Harness sytem in Multicam (As pictured), Kryptek Highlander and a solid Foliage Green/Tan. Sizes vary from small (6″ tall) to XL (8.5″ tall). Prices start at $85 for the small version up to $100 for the large version.

The harness also is available in two sizes to fit different body types — which is a great idea that I haven’t seen elsewhere. I

Overall I was very impressed with the simplicity, functionality and thought that went into this harness and pouch system. I feel this is the perfect system for someone who wants a durable, lightweight solution that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a full pack on your chest while still providing full protection to your optics. Even with the mesh and open sides of the pouch, I found that it protected the lenses from excessive dust and water in normal hunting situations.

FHF (Fish, Hunt, Fight) Gear is a relatively small company who make tactical and hunting gear centered on function, utility, and durability out of Bozeman MT. This product can be ordered from their online store and is available in a very select few retail locations. For more information, or to order visit:

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