We’ve introduced a great new way to win and earn free gear on our online forum. If you already participate in forums, or want a great way to learn and interact with fellow hunters, come over and sign up and spend some time each week posting and reading ours. We’re the only hunting forum I know of that has incentives to post. There’s two ways to win – the first is simple, when you hit 50 posts we’ll send you a free decal, at 500 posts a free hat and at 1000 posts a free t-shirt. The 2nd way to win is with our new “Hunt Points” feature.

Here’s how and what you can win! “Hunt Points” is a new feature added to our forum.

After you login you can see a small link at the top of the forum next to the FAQ and UCP links. This takes you to the Hunt Points Control Panel. There is a tab that will show the upcoming drawing.  As you post you earn a “Hunt Point” for each post or reply you make – you cash in these points for “tickets.” 10 hunt points buys 1 ticket.

This month we are giving away Wac’em Triton broadheads. These are my favorite broadhead and what I personally shoot. The drawing will be held May 31, 2013 at 11:30 MST. All new registrars receive 50 hunt points just for signing up! Good Luck!


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