The rumors are true…there are some proposed hunt date changes for Utah. It seems to cater primarily to the archery hunters by moving dates a little later in September. It appears there are two different options being considered. Of the two I like option 2 better. Option one, it seems, advoctates running the archery and muzzleloader LE elk hunts at the same time. If I am reading this correctly, I think that hurts archery hunters. The other significant change is splitting the general elk and deer rifle hunts into two hunts. I’m interested in this as it may reduce pressure. Could Dedicated hunters hunt both seasons?

We’ll see what happens at the RAC meetings. I guess it falls on the Utahn’s to attend the RAC meetings and voice opinions on what the future hunt dates will be.

For anyone interested here is the .pdf file: (Click to view)

Proposed Hunt dates 2010-2014

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