One thing is certain, mule deer are some of the most amazing animals in the world! Thanks to GPS technologies, a recent study has found that the Red Desert Mule deer of Wyoming migrate 150 miles north into the Hoback basin. This herd, of approximately 500 animals travel across major highways, fences and development in the longest known migration in the lower 48! Take a few minutes and watch this video to learn more about this incredible feat.

You can also learn more at the link provided in the video: www.migrationinitiative.org.

2 responses to “Red Desert Mule Deer Migration”

  1. Jeremy Avatar

    Interesting to know that a large herd of mulies migrated into that area.. spending 3 yrs near there hunting Dog Creek, Wolf Creek, Cabin Creek, Wolf Mtn etc

  2. Brad Carter Avatar

    Pretty cool data!

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