Before moving to Utah, I was unaware that they had a state holiday celebrating the mormon pioneer movement to the Salt Lake Valley. Now that I live in Utah, not only am I aware of it, but thankful for it, because it give me another holiday to spend in the outdoors. I decided to take advantage of an extra day off and spend some time in the Utah high country looking for bucks, bulls, and maybe catch a few fish.

I did see a few bucks, nothing huge…one that might go 160 as of the 24th – he may grow a little bigger by the time he’s rid of the velvet. He had a coyote chasing him, but managed to escape.  But, no bucks to write home about. No big bulls this outing either. We did find about 60 head of cows, calves, and spikes.  I also didn’t get any good pictures to share. Maybe next time. The fishing was good though. Seeing as many Hunters also Fish, I’ll throw a couple of pictures up for you to enjoy.

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