Hunts have either started or are starting within the next few weeks in most western states. This time of year seems to sneak up on a guy. Sure, we’re always looking forward to the upcoming hunt –shooting  bows, sighting in  rifles, anticipating the opener. But every year, I feel like I’m rushing around, trying to get the last few items in my pack, the last few arrows shot, and the last few plans made.

I wasn’t planning on having an early hunt this year. I didn’t draw my favorite deer unit in Utah and scaled back my out of state applications as I knew I wouldn’t be able to make them with a new addition to the family coming soon. I was casually glancing over the leftover list and noticed there were a bunch of tags left over for the unit where I live. I haven’t hunted this unit for 4 seasons, but am excited at the prospect of hunting so close to home. Being as picky as I am, I know I’ll likely end up not finding something I like enough to shoot – or if I do will likely screw up the stalk somehow, but I’m still excited to get out and enjoy it. So if you see me in the hills of Northern Utah – come say hello.

That being said, I do have a few new gear items in my pack this season that I’m pretty excited about. Here’s a few of the new products I’ve added to my arsenal this season that I think you might be interested in:

I’ll be slinging some new broadheads this season courtesy of Wac’em Broadheads. They make a solid head and are a Utah based company. I know their product is solid and have always been a big fan of fixed blades. Hopefully I can post a photo of one covered in BIG buck blood!

I also will be testing out my new DIY homemade Digiscoping adapter. I paired it with an old camera I had sitting around. I’ll give it some thorough field testing and probably make some modifications. I’ll post up a step-by-step once I know I like it.

Catoma tents will be coming with me on my early season overnighters as well. They make a very lightweight bed net system that is permethrin coated (to keep out the bugs). The coolest part is how light it is, and how quick it is to set up and take down. Keep watch, I’ll be showing everyone how it works — I think it’s going to be a good gear addition.

The new product that I’m also very excited about is a unique hydration system developed by Geigerrig. These aren’t your average water bladder, they are pressurized, bomb-proof (literally – watch this video) and have the perfect filtration capabilities. I’ve got a video in the hopper for this as well. I really think this product is head and shoulders above any other hydration system I’ve ever used.

What new products are you adding to your collection this season? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Tom Avatar

    I shoot the Wac’Em knock off – Copperheads…sold under Cabela’s name. The look almost identical to the Wac’Em. I like the small design of these suckers and the flight is top notch. Had a real difficult time finding the Wac’Em when I was looking to switch from Muzzys, so that is why I settled on the Copperhead.

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