If you read about the bow hunt below, Dad finally put a bull down on the opening day of the rifle. He looked this bull over for a long time, and after already investing so much time during the bow hunt decided to fill his tag. It looks like he made a pretty good decision by taking this beautiful Wyoming Bull!

One response to “Wyoming 31 success for Dad”

  1. Mule Deer Avatar

    Wow, nice hunt. We’ve been after a trophy mule deer for the last couple hunts (“Black Velvet” on our website) but he’s proven to be even more “elusive” than we’d thought… for lack of a better word. However, it looks like the elk herds in Wyoming are doing alright if this is the size of elk that you pass up during the bow hunt.

    Keep the pictures coming. You know here at Elusiveonline.com (Yes were back after a server melt down) we’re always interested in a good picture. Photographing wild big game is kind of our thing.

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