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Hunting Big mule Deer Book by Robby Denning

Hunting Big Mule Deer – Book Review

I think most of us who are obsessed with hunting big mule deer love to find as much information as possible. Typically I look around online and find this information, but I’ve read a handful of books on mule deer, but there are several that stand out that provide awesome information for hunting the high country of the western states. (Backcountry Bowhunting – by Cam Hanes, Public Land Mulies – by David Long). When I saw that Robby Denning had recently published a new book, I figured I’d better get a copy to read. The book’s title is “Hunting Big Mule Deer: How to Take the Best Buck of Your Life.” Robby is a devoted mule deer hunter who runs a scouting and outfitting business as well. He focuses solely on mule deer hunting and has been very consistent in taking some very nice bucks. I was in the heat of scouting season for my upcoming Wyoming muley hunt, so this caught me at just the right time.

Without giving away too much info from this book, the biggest takeaway I took from him was that it takes persistent, dedicated effort to kill big mule deer on a consistent basis. Robby has stopped hunting elk and other species to focus specifically on hunting Mule Deer. His deliberate, calculated hunting style is clearly conveyed as he goes over his gear, tactics, and approach to killing the biggest buck on the mountain.

Go grab yourself a copy, it’s worth having in your hunting library.

Available on in hard copy and kindle editions. Price as of the publishing of this article is $22.95

Hunting Big mule Deer Book by Robby Denning

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